Atlas: Transformation

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After three full months, I’m excited to share our staff’s final product. The Transformation issue, the magazine’s seventh, is in print and available at Emerson. The full issue is also online at Working with our 30-person staff has been a huge learning experience, and I’m excited to conclude my five semesters with Atlas on such a positive note. This issue covers a wide range of topics, from local student style profiles and a hip hop program in Cambridge, MA to a travel piece that takes us all the way to Kosovo. I was also fortunate to interview author Alden Jones for a Q&A about travel, writing, and photography. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, creative editorial board to work with throughout the semester. Enjoy the read!

Final Stretch

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Roasted Root Vegetable Pie Paleo Sweet Potato Cranberry Stuffing

At times, working on the upcoming issue of Atlas Magazine has felt all-consuming in the past two months. While our whole staff awaits Thanksgiving Break, we are even more eager to send our final issue to print on November 24. Our Transformation-themed issue is due to release during the week of December 4, and I’m beyond excited to celebrate the publication in a matter of weeks. In the meantime, I created a roundup of 20 recipes for NoshOn.It. While I do not maintain a gluten-free diet, I realized that delicious sides and desserts don’t require breadcrumbs or traditional pie crusts to satisfy everyone at the table. Check out 20 Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes for a few refreshing ideas in anticipation of a much-needed holiday.

Dessert Break

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pumpkin spice malt milkshake

The past two months have flown by! This autumn, I’ve been busy at the Pohly Company, where I’m interning as an editorial researcher. I’ve learned new fact checking and proofreading skills, and get to contribute short articles for niche print publications.

Outside of class and the Pohly Company, I’m still contributing to NoshOn.It. I helped to write a recipe for a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Malt Milkshake. Malt milkshakes are totally underrated, and an added homemade pumpkin spice makes for a seasonal and nostalgic flavor combination. We crumbled ginger snap cookies on top of a cloud of whipped cream for a cool and cozy fall treat.

Summer Recipe Recap

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Updating the blog has fallen to the wayside this summer with a full time restaurant job, a few summer travels (New Orleans!!) and the occasional NoshOn.It post. My recipe features from the past few months are included in the Recipe Features tab, but I’ll list a few of my favorite here:

Chocolate Chip Raspberry Skillet Cookieasparagus quichepimms cupquesada pasiega

a) Chocolate-Raspberry Skillet Cookie from The Sugar Hit

b) Creamy Asparagus Polenta Quiche from Take a Megabite

c) Pimm’s Cup from A Better Happier St. Sebastian

d) Quesada Pasiega (Spanish Cantabrian Cheesecake), NoshOn.It House Recipe


Tote Mag: Issue 7

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Tote May 2014The May issue of Tote Mag is out! This month’s unofficial theme is “Expression.” Writing workshop classes should be the perfect environment to encourage just this. But unfortunately, they’re not always as inviting as we’d like. In my article (pages 24-25), I explore a few workshop student tropes and how to make the most out of your class. If you’re anticipating a writing workshop this summer or next fall, you’ll want to give it a read! Also in this issue: discover the Five Basics of Brunching from the blogger behind Bacon and Blush (16-19), learn about a lucid dreaming experiment (26-27), and check out a Q&A with Cally Daschbach, who just landed a job with FedBid.

So Sicilian

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Sicilian pizzacannoli

I worked with Vijay on a Sicilian pizza collaborative post. I’m glad he took my eggplant recommendation, because his pan pizza looks gorgeous! Naturally, our mid-#PizzaWeek team meeting turned into a pizza party at the Food Loft. I’m suddenly very hungry again.

Of course, I suggested we follow up the week of carbs and cheese with another Italian favorite: cannoli. Mandy’s adorable homemade cannoli on Kitchen Joy totally warrant more than one for dessert. And as it turns out, the ricotta and mascarpone-packed shells originated in Sicily, too.

The Couscous Crowd

April 7, 2014 § 1 Comment


I titled my first grade science fair project Shake Your Foodie. The experiment: I spilled different types of dried pastas and couscous over stereo speakers, blasted various genres of music and observed which foods moved the most to the tunes. Couscous won.

In my latest recipe roundup for NoshOn.It, you’ll find 3 fruity, 3 veggie-loaded and 3 classic couscous recipes. All 9 featured vegetarian dishes are perfect for spring (YUM), so all that’s missing is a rockin’ playlist. If I remember correctly, ABBA was a crowd favorite.